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Phone Medic Hawaii

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  • Janelle E.

    Paid Phone Medic Hawai'i a second visit today, fortunately, not for my own phone, but for my brother's iPhone 6 Plus. If you could see what it looked more

Water Damage

If your cell phone accidentally gets wet or immersed in water, Phone Medic Hawaii may still be able to save your phone.  Simply leave your phone off or turn it off, remove the battery, and bring your phone to our cell phone repair center as soon as possible.


Touch Screen Repair/Replacement

Is your iPhone or cell phone screen cracked or non-responsive?  Phone Medic Hawaii can repair your screen and have your Phone or iPhone looking brand new again.  Just bring your Phone in to Hawaii's Cell Phone Repair Center for a free estimate.

LCD Replacement

Your LCD is protected by a lens cover or a touch screen.  If you see a crack under the lens cover, dead pixels, lines running up or down the screen, bleeding, blotching, or simply have a white or black screen, you may need to replace your LCD.  Phone Medic Hawaii can replace it, so you don't have those annoying cracks or blotches.

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